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Maxi-CD - Maxi - Compact Disc

A normal CD-DA with (mostly) several versions of one, two or more music titles. This is sometimes also referred to as CD-MS.

MB - MegaByte

1 MB = 1024 KB = 1048576 bytes. See also: GB, TB.

MC - (1) MusiCassette

A analogous, recordable magnetic tape format, developed by Philips (1972/1968?), also known as "CC". The tapes are characterized by their playing times: C-60/90/100/120 stands for 60/90/100/120 minutes, respectively.

MC - (2) Micro Cassette(TM)

This cassette format is smaller than the MusiCassette. One tape lenght is MC-60 = 60 minutes.

MD - Mini Disc

This digital recordable MOD format was developed by Sony (1992 in Europe shortly after the DCC). The compression of sound data allows up to 74 minutes of music. One can only copy an MD once to another MD. However, the MD has only limited success, especially with portable players, car-players and car-10x-changers. See also DAT.

MFD - Micro Floppy Disk

The modern 3.5 inch FD format.

MIDI - Musical Instruments Digital Interface

A standard interface for data exchange from, to and between musical instruments and computers.

MIME - Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions

This Internet standard for transmissions of texts, sounds, images, videos, programs etc. is used in the Internet E-Mail service and in the HTTP.

MIPS - Million Instructions Per Second

A measure for the power of computers.

MMU - Memory Management Unit

The part of a computer that allows virtual memory (the simulation of main memory on a mass memory medium).

MOD - Magneto-Optical Disc

A digital, recordable mass memory system. A newer method is called LIMDOW. See also MD.

MODEM - MOdulator/DEModulator

A MODEM is an adaptor that connects a digital machine (PC) with an analogous (telephone) net. The most transfer protocols are named like V.n.

MP3 - MPEG-1 audio layer 3

This format for compressed audio data is widely spread via internet. Special portable MP3 players allow to download data from a computer and replay them autonomously. See also AAC, SDMI.

MPEG - Motion Picture Experts Group

Members of the group are (or have been) Commodore (CD32), Philips (CD-I), Matsushita ("Panasonic", "Technics"), Sony, JVC and Paramout Home Video. This group was founded to develop the MPEG standard (1993) for digital video, used, for example, on CD-ROMs. This standard allows up to 74 minutes of video, music and graphics. The audio compression method MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3, better known as MP3 is widespread via Internet. The compression method MPEG-2 is used on DVD-Video.

MPU - Micro Processor Unit

Another name for CPU.

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