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SACD - Super Audio Compact Disc

This new sound memory was developed by Philips and Sony (1999) and delivers higher frequencies and more dynamics than the standard CD-DA. See also: DVD, HDCD.

SCSI - Small Computer System Interface

A system interface standard for input/output devices like harddrives, CD-ROM drives, CDRs, scanners, modems, etc.

SDMI - Secure Digital Music Initiative

An initiative, forced by the music industry, to replace MP3 as the standard format for commercial music productions. It includes a copy protection system. See also AAC.

SGML - Standard Generalized Markup Language

This language was designed by Dr. Charles F. Goldfarb to describe markup languages (so-called SGML applications). The description is called DTD.
SGML is defined in the standard ISO 8879.

SLIP - Serial Line Internet Protocol

A transfer protocol for serial connections to the Internet, based on TCP/IP. Meanwhile, this protocol is mostly replaced by PPP.

SMD - Surface-Mounted Device

A type of IC cover design.

SMPTE - Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers

The SMPTE timecode is used on many video- and audio-tapes to syncronize digital cutting machines.

SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

A protocol for E-Mail transfers to an ISP.

SSA - Super Smooth Animation

A file format for animation files which uses interlaced images to smoothen the animation.

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