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LAN - Local Area Network

A computer network limited to a certain local area, for example, a building, a floor of a higher building or some other limited space. See also WAN.

LCD - Liquid Crystal Display

A screen composed of several layers. One layer is between two electrodes. If an electrical field is applied to this layer, it becomes polarized and the incoming light can no longer be reflected and beam through all layers. Therefore the polarized area appears black.

LD - Laser Disc

Another name for CD-V. Diameter about 25 cm. See also: DVD.

LFE - Low Frequency Effect

Multi-channel sound formats like DTS use one ore more channels for effect sounds at low frequencies. Typical examples for LFE sound are thunder and explosions. When describing the sound format, the LFE channels are represented by the number behind the dot, for example "5.1" means 5 surround channels and one LFE channel. This is because LFE channels have only about one tenth of the bandwidth of the other channels.

LIFO - Last In - First Out

A principle for caches (fast intermediate memories). The data that were saved last, will be put out first. A LIFO memory is very often called "stack". See also FIFO.

LIMDOW - Laser Intensity Modulation Direct OverWrite

This is a newer method of a MOD for discs with 4 different magnetical layers. The main advantage of this method is that the information can be written in one single run. A 3.5" MOD by Fujitsu has a capacity of 640 MB.

LP - Long Player / Long-Playing (record)

A mechanical analogous replaying system, based on vinyl discs, developed in the 1950s (?). Mono and stereo samples are possible. The disk is read by a saphire needle. There are two formats (LP @ 33 rpm and maxi-single @ 45 rpm). Early versions rotated at 78 rpm. Singles have a smaller diameter.

LPI - Lines Per Inch

A measure for the density of a printer output.

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