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Multimedia Livingroom: Music

While standing in my livingroom, you will hear music from my audio equipment. I mostly listen to CDs. I like "Best of..." CDs since they give a good chance to get many hits for few money. So I collected some by Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Dire Straits, En Vogue, Peter Gabriel, Sting, The Police and Tina Turner.

Besides that I also own pieces by British bands Genesis (Anthony Banks, Philip Collins and Michael Rutherford) and Queen, the earlier albums by Mariah Carey and Cyndi Lauper, and all solo albums by Phil Collins.

My favourite artist is definitely Michael Jackson. Therefore, the major part of my CD collection consists of albums and singles by Michael Jackson and also albums by Janet Jackson, The Jacksons and compilations of The Jackson 5.

Can you imagine that I still do not own any "normal" CD-Player? My first CDP is a portable player, the Technics SL-XP2 from 1989. This little friend is still alive and accompanies me on vacation. Second, I own a CD-ROM drive, which is installed to my A4000. The latest addition to my Multimedia Livingroom is a DVD-Player, which of course is capable of playing CDs as well.

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