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Computer Lab: Web References

Here are some World Wide Web sites listed that refer to my own pages - for many ways guide to my homepage.


is the new URL of my homepage. The following sites use this URL to branch to my personal web pages:


is the new URL of the Official Support Site for the Standard Amiga FD-Software Copyright Note.

  • Amiga-News.de has reported several times about the AFD-Project and has linked the AFD-Homepage since October 1999 on the hotlist, which has now been developed to the Amiga Link Directory. Since January 28, 2000 the A.L.D. shows an entry about the AFD-COPYRIGHT Official Support Site.

  • Other Amiga News sites that reported about the AFD-Project include:

  • Since March 19, 2000, the well-known e-mail newsletter Amiga Update has reported about AFD-COPYRIGHT for several times.

  • Since August 8, 2002, AFD-COPYRIGHT is linked on the Links page of Amiga Future magazine in the section Verschiedenes zum Amiga (miscellaneous Amiga) with the new URL. Thanks, Patric & Andreas!


refers to the GAUHPIL index page. All references to the Geographical Amiga Users Home Page Internet List I have collected on an extra page. This page is located with the GAUHPIL. You can enter it from the GAUHPIL index page:

Geographical Amiga Users Home Page Internet List

Since 1996, I use home.pages.de, probably the world's first relocator database for homepages, to make my pages be accessible server-independent. If the first link with "HTTP host extension" doesn't work, then please try the second one!

This URI refers to my online home. It is still used by Web.de on the page Dieser URI verweist auf mein Online-Heim. Er wird zum Beispiel noch heute von Web.de auf der Seite Private Homepages in Göttingen.

guides to the Official Support Site for the Standard Amiga FD-Software Copyright Note. So the Copyright Note can always link to the current support site with a server-independent address.

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