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Computer Lab: Projects

Currently I maintain four bigger online projects besides my personal homepage. They are:

Geographical Amiga Users Home Page Internet List

In August 1994 the G.A.U.H.P.I.L. was the first list dedicated to personal homepages of users of a certain computer system. It is the most important contribution to the World Wide Web I made by now. Meanwhile the G.A.U.H.P.I.L. is back for the future! In February 2004 I have converted the list into a MySQL database. The list currently shows more than 700 users!

Standard Amiga FD-Software Copyright Note (TM)

The "Standard Amiga FD-Software Copyright Note"(TM) was my second Amiga project - it started in December 1994. This project tries to set a standard for DefaultTools and to get rid of the big variety of boring copyright and distribution notes. There are translations in several languages to support "localized" software. On February 27, 1999, I finally launched the official online support site which offers quick information about the "AFD-COPYRIGHT"(TM) files! Here you can download all available translations, sometimes even before they are released on Aminet!
New: All files are available in two file formats. Now you can use the new HTML files just like the "classic" plain text files.

Dietmar's Multimedia Acronyms

This project was something I wanted to do for a while, but first I had to finish my final diploma exams. So the project startet in August 1996. It is a collection of multimedia-related acronyms, which are listed alphanumerically on 26 pages.
This project was also an attempt to create pages with a standard layout, a <DL> (definition list), a neon advertising kind of banner and a high degree of cross links between the single terms. This offered a good possibility to link all the different information I collected for years. The project as such is still in a state of updating and extending.

Travelogue Kenya 1999

This illustrated tour report is still under construction and the work on the english translation didn't even start yet. In fact, I didn't do anything on this project since 1999. Currently I try to setup a travelogue page.

The News page shows the latest changes on all my web projects.

Further information about my previous online projects can be found in the Design Evolution.

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